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Turns Resentment, Anger, Verbal Abuse, or Emotional Abuse into Compassion and Love

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CORE Value, Inc. provides individual and corporate training in Emotional Intelligence.

More important to success in work and relationships than intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence is the ability to: understand one’s own emotions, regulate them for productive behavior, muster high levels of motivation, and understand the emotions of others. The regular practice of the skills learned in workshops and presentations offered by CORE Value, Inc. automatically increases emotional intelligence.

Corporate Services offered include providing "Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace" Presentations. Emotions can make or break a business. The hidden cause of most failure in the workplace is resentment. Courses provided for the corporate environment are comprised of skill building material to teach employees how to regulate resentment and managers how to mitigate employee resentment as well as regulate their own.

Individual Services offered include a variety of Emotional Intelligence Presentations and Seminars for small groups, as well as personal coaching to train individuals to reconnect with their core value. Core Value is the instinctive sense of self-worth present in all humans at birth. It is YOUR essence! While you may lose touch with your core value, it cannot be taken away from you and cannot be hurt by others. Reconnecting with it will provide you the ability to have self-compassion and compassion for others, creating a life filled with purpose, value and a strong sense of self!

Through seminars provided by CORE Value, Inc., you will learn to stay connected with your core value, and to invoke it anytime you feel stress, impatience, anger and resentment. You will learn an emotional conditioning technique which will "kick-in" automatically, taking you to your core value before you even realize you were beginning to feel these emotions.

CORE Value, Inc. is based solely on the work of Steven Stosny, PhD., founder of CompassionPower™. Dr. Stosny, has many books and articles and been featured in most major print and broadcast media, including several guest appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show. His interest in the healing power of compassion grew from his childhood in a violent home. For more information about Dr. Stosny, visit www.CompassionPower.com.


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